歸屬 GUI SHU questions the state of belonging

A fusion of film, installation, dance, theatre, vision and live music, 歸屬 GUI SHU is a new multidisciplinary work by Steamworks Arts’ Director, Sally Richardson, that premiered at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in late 2019.

Created in collaboration with a stellar team of independent artists from Perth (Western Australia) and Taipei (Taiwan), 歸屬 GUI SHU distils our complex relationship to history, spaces and places, and how this informs our identity.

Our producer Jen Leys and Sally Richardson will be pitching 歸屬 GUI SHU at the Australian Performing Arts Market for presentation either as the full performance experience with video installation or as a stand-alone gallery video installation that captures the journey of the work.

Here is what some of the critics shared about the full experience:

I think we are really lucky to observe this conversation between Taiwanese and Australian artists, to know that we perhaps share the same anxieties about moving around in this world: where we belong and who with, feeling the ghosts of our pasts all around and within us, and perhaps even touching on our fear of being blown and swept away by a ferocious natural force.”

Cicely Binford, Perth Arts Live

A masterful performance piece… Sitting in the dark with clever intervals of light and imagery, your mind transforms to a pure state of consciousness that embraces your senses and feelings. Words are kept to a minimum to break past any conditioned beliefs – however, the further into the production the more humorous language is used to highlight the individual personality of the performers. Each moment has careful precision, where all body placement staging is broken down to the highest degree of detail. While watching this, there will be a sense of detachment because the act is not a direct message but rather a contemplation that goes deep into your soul.”

Kieran Eaton, Fourth Wall Media

歸屬 Gui Shu is a gentle but compelling work that had me mesmerised for its 60-minute duration. The icing on the cake was checking out the accompanying video installation after the show, in which one can recognise footage and connect the two works – Highly recommended”

Nina Levy, Seesaw Magazine

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In everything we do, we acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal land and constantly learn from the wisdom of First Peoples.

Where we are and the history that precedes us informs how we work and how we move forward.