What moves you? How do you move? Dancer and choreographer Amrita Hepi invites you to come and have a heart to heart, a yarn or a stroll and to workshop a dance move.

Through time spent together in private, answering a series of questions, you will find a move or a gesture that articulates something about you. Something uniquely your own.

A Call to Dance is a participatory work engaging the public in a physical conversation about cultural ownership and authorship. People are encouraged to create movement based on their experiences. Asking questions about heritage, belonging, place for expression and cultural authenticity. Amrita will meet and move with participants, exploring ideas that are important to them. Be it climate change, homelessness, great love, loss, morning rituals or the taste of tea, people will identify a move that articulates something profoundly personal.

Sharing conversation and expression in private, participants then get to see how they take shape in public as Amrita borrows gestures, gathering them together, and shares it, embodying the dance that celebrates this place and its people.


Creator & Performer Amrita Hepi
Creative Producer Pippa Bailey


Pippa Bailey | Producer
[email protected]


October | Marrigong Theatre co, Wollongong
May | YIRRAMBOI Festival, Melbourne

Amrita doesn’t just make the political personal; she makes it physical and impossible to ignore
— Nakkiah Lui