The stunning full-length solo debut from acclaimed Australian dancer-choreographer Kristina Chan, A Faint Existence is a powerful physical meditation on impermanence, fragility and mortality in the age of climate change.

Chan’s performance explores our complex connection to the environment, our desire to make a change and the feelings of helplessness that derail our best intentions.

Kristina Chan is one of Australia’s foremost dance artists—a dancer of great precision, intuition and exceptional physical virtuosity. Acclaimed composer James Brown has created a live electronic score that connects to the intricacies of Chan’s choreography in a shifting environment created by Clare Britton.

In A Faint Existence, Kristina Chan creates a frightening world through dance, design, music and her intellectual capacity to turn a vast and challenging subject into a thought-provoking theatrical experience.
— Sydney Morning Herald


Creator & Choreographer Kristina Chan
Designer Clare Britton
Lighting Designer Benjamin Cisterne
Composer James Brown
Dramaturg Victoria Hunt
Originally produced by Force Majeure
Produced by Performing Lines


Fenn Gordon | Senior Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)2 9319 0066

We are currently seeking national and international presentation opportunities.


LiveWorks Festival, Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney, NSW