Since the 1980s computers have modelled the way birds flock, identifying three simple rules that govern their movement: separation, alignment and cohesion.

Aeon is a listening manoeuvre; a participatory experiment of sound, movement and group dynamics to queer and question what we think of as ‘natural’. Drawing on bird flocking strategies it invites you to navigate public space in a communal yet deeply personal experience. As we walk multiple paths toward a future in flux, Aeon envisions the space between civic responsibility and personal consent; between soaring clouds of wings and piles of pigeon poo to offer a paradoxical, complex and ever emerging horizon.

Flocking is the choreography of a flock of birds; they navigate by an individual initiating movement that ripples through the group. Visually arresting, the flock moves in unison throughout landscapes that are wild, unnatural and unknown. 

Aeon deftly mixes audience participation with a contemporary art aesthetic. It situates itself in the dance and sound-art worlds and extends into public space. Using movement, walking and listening, Aeon encourages consideration of human-bird-place relationships and how these connect to our contemporary understanding of ecological forces. We are inspired by queer ecological thinking that questions established ideas of what is valued as 'natural'. 


Aeon is led by Lz Dunn. Lz uses performance, movement, sound, video, site-responsive and participatory processes to consider ecologies, queerness, ‘nature’ and place. 
- Lawrence English is a composer, media artist and curator who presents extensively nationally and internationally. 
- Shian Law is a performance artist and choreographer aligned with new dance practice and interdisciplinary collaboration. 
- Lara Thoms’ practice explores socially engaged, site-specific and participatory possibilities in contemporary art. 

Lz and Lara are Artistic Associates with Aphids. 


19 - 22 Oct | Liveworks Festival, Performance Space,
Secret location near Sydney Park | BUY TICKETS>>

26 - 29 Oct | Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts at Totally Huge New Music Festival WA | 
Secret location Perry Lakes | BUY TICKETS>>


Narelle Lewis | Producer
[email protected] | +612 9319 0066


2017 | Dance Massive, Arts House | Melbourne, VIC


OCT | Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, TAS
SEPT | Vitalstatistix, Adelaide, SA
FEB | World Theatre Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse QLD
JAN | Arts House, Melbourne VIC

Castlemaine, VIC
Arts House, North Melbourne, VIC