Julia Hales and Bron Batten

Julia Hales

Julia Hales is a theatre-maker and performance artist who has dedicated her career to sharing the experiences of people living with disability, in particular Down syndrome. In 2018, Perth Festival, Black Swan State Theatre Company and DADAA co-commissioned You Know We Belong Together, in which Julia powerfully articulated her life story, celebrating the lives of people with Down syndrome. The premiere season sold-out and Black Swan remounted in 2019. In 2022, the production was presented at London’s South Bank Centre, the Edinburgh International Festival and Sydney Opera House. A passionate advocate within her community, Julia has paved the way for other disabled artists to forge their own careers, and has grown new opportunities, shared skills and resources among peers and allies. Her newest work, The New Bachelorette, further develops the cohort of artists who are committed to sharing their stories on stage.


Bron and I have very different backgrounds… Working with Bron helped me a lot… I learnt the importance of drawing from personal experiences to inspire my work and ideas.”

Julia Hales

Bron Batten

Bron Batten is a multi-award-winning performer and theatre-maker who specialises in creating contemporary performances through collaboration with both non-artists and audience members. Her work is based in live art practices of participation, improvisation and direct address in order to create a live, vibrant and unique energetic exchange with the audience. Her portfolio boasts numerous international presentations, including notable works such as Waterloo and Onstage Dating.

In her latest project, The New Bachelorette, Bron teams up with Julia Hales to explore fresh avenues of collaboration and devising. Through this process, they have crafted a truly timeless piece that resonates deeply with its viewers.

Additionally, Bron has been an instrumental contributor to a major work in development with acclaimed Back-to-Back Theatre.


The collaboration with Julia and the Bachelors has taught me the value of patience, listening, navigating processes with care and centering marginalised voices and perspectives.”

Bron Batten

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