BLACKIE BLACKIE BROWN: THE TRADITIONAL OWNER OF DEATH is a new show combining live performance and animation that draws from Blaxploitation, Revenge Porn cinema, and the classic vengeance story – combined with the brutal spirituality of Indigenous theatre.
Using cinematic imagery, BLACKIE BLACKIE BROWN engages with the horrific, violent past of colonisation in Australia, as well as modern day representations of Aboriginal people and 'Black Women' – in a scathing piece of satire simultaneously brutal, smart, funny, and sexy.

The play tells the story of BLACKIE BROWN, a PhD Archeology student, whose great, great grandmother was killed in the massacre of her tribe by three ex-convicts in the early 1900’s. Blackie Brown is haunted by the spirit of her grandmother and vows to seek revenge for the murders of her ancestors by tracking down the descendants of the three ex-convicts and killing them one by one.
In a superhero spectacle, with live action and animation, Blackie faces her final descendant and arch nemesis: an evil Campbell Newman/Tony Abbott/Donald Trump type politician, whose 'rehabilitation' program for poor, black female criminals (turning them into white men) is threatening to kill off all black women...


Playwright Nakkiah Lui
Director  Declan Greene


Pippa Bailey | Senior Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)2 9319 0066