Celebrated Australian artist William Yang’s family is scattered around the world, yet the bond of blood binds them in unexpected and powerful ways.

When William’s mother died in 1992, he embarked on a personal journey to rediscover his immediate and extended family. The result is Blood Linksa visual feast from one of Australia’s most renowned artists, an intriguing blend of storytelling, social history, performance and documentary photography.

With humour and irony this one migrant family takes us around the world and back again. A family story of birth, traditions, skeletons, death, love and food, hauntingly familiar in content, Blood Links is acclaimed across the globe.

William Yang is one of Australia’s most celebrated independent photographers and performers. Born William Young in North Queensland in 1943, he changed his name to William Yang in 1983. He worked as a playwright from 1969 to 1974, and since then as a freelance photographer.
William integrated his skills as a writer and a visual artist in 1989. He began to perform monologues with slide projection in the theatre. These slide shows were a form of performance theatre and have become his favourite way of showing his work.

William Yang’s performances are among the enduring pleasures of Australian Theatre
— The Australian


Creator & Performer William Yang
Music Composer James Brown


2017 | Blood Links Canada: Toronto (Canadian Stage)

2016 | Blood Links Hungary: Budapest Netherlands: Amsterdam, Bruges, Den Haag, Heerlen, Utrecht 

2015  | The Story Only I Can Tell China: Shanghai, Guangshou, Dongguan, Chengdu, Chongqin, Beijing, Xi’an, Suzhou. 

2011 I Am a Camera Australia: Sydney. 

2010 | China Canada: Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary. 

2009 | Shadows: USA: Baltimore, Cedar Rapids, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston; Germany – Hanover. 

2008 | China New Zealand: Dunedin, Nelson; Belgium: Brussels, Lisbon, Halle. 

2006 | Shadows USA: New York. Objects For Meditation Singapore: Singapore. 

2005 | Objects For Meditation Belgium: Brussels; Norway: Oslo; Netherlands: Rotterdam; France: Villeurbanne; Reunion Island. Shadows Reunion Island. 

2004 | Sadness; Blood LinksFriends of Dorothy; Italy: Rome. 

2003 | Blood Links Singapore: Singapore. Shadows Canada: Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal; USA: Philadelphia, Dublin; Italy: Rome; UK: London; France: Paris, Strasbourg. 

2002 | Shadows Norway: Bergen. Friends of Dorothy UK: Manchester. Blood Links USA: New York, Houston; Norway: Bergen; Germany: Berlin, Braunschweig, Frankfurt, Hanover; France: Strasbourg; UK: Manchester, London; Switzerland: Zurich; Netherlands: Rotterdam; China: Shanghai. 

2001 | Friends of Dorothy Canada: Calgary; Denmark: Copenhagen. Blood Links Canada: Toronto; New Zealand: Auckland, New Plymouth; Belgium: Brussels; USA: Charleston; Denmark: Copenhagen; France: Paris; Hong Kong: Hong Kong; Taiwan: Taipei, UK: Wales. The North Portugal: Lisbon. 

1999 | The North USA: New Haven. 

1997 | Sadness UK: Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow; Canada: Vancouver.  The North; Canada: Montreal, Le Bic Rimouski, Quebec; UK: London; Germany: Frankfurt, Marburg, Liechtenstein.

1996 | Sadness UK: Liverpool, Manchester, London, Manchester; USA: Minneapolis.