Body Of Work is an infinite present, a present always already there and continuing on into the unknown future. Body Of Work is a dance with time that dissolves the distinction between human and machine. It is a dance of synthesis, a hybrid, a cyborg where opposition is irrelevant so that the question remains; who choreographs and who is choreographed?

Atlanta Eke’s acclaimed Body of Work (Keir Choreographic Award winner, 2014) sees the visceral and mechanical collide. Both radically new and strangely familiar, with its nods to science fiction and cyborg feminism, Eke is one of Australia’s most exciting new artists. Her performance is commanding as she stretches the boundaries of a woman and the functions of choreography, documentation and image.

“The dance literally sculpts time…It’s a simple premise that opens out into dizzying and powerful complexity.”
Alison Croggon, ABC Arts


Concept and choreography Atlanta Eke
Video projection design Hana Miller and Jacob Perkins from Ready Steady Studio
Music composition Daniel Jenatsch
Lighting design Matthew Adey


10 + 11 January 2018 | COIL Festival, PS122, New York | BUY TICKETS>>


Karilyn Brown
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