A radical reimagining of Jean Rhys’ novel Wide Sargasso Sea.

A little white cockroach is crawling home to the Caribbean for the first time and she is determined to have a rich cultural experience.

Crawl Me Blood takes you into the Botanical Gardens at night to encounter the family saga at the centre of Jean Rhys’ seminal work of post-colonial fiction.  

With sound documentary, music, performance and rum punch, the story is reframed as a contemporary encounter between an Australian woman and the horrific, rotting reality of her dual colonial heritage.

Co-directors Halcyon Macleod and Willoh S.Weiland lead a team of Australian artists with very different family backgrounds in the Caribbean including Felix Cross, Natasha Jynel, Zahra Newman, Matt Daniels and Alexis West.

With each new intoxicating garden unfolds a layer of fiction, auto-biography and the real life unpacking of race and gender in the ferment of our post-colonial world.  

“Blackness in the white imagination has nothing to do with black people.” – Claudia Rankine


Adapted from the novel by Jean Rhys
Directors Halcyon Macleod and Willoh S.Weiland
Composition Felix Cross
System Design Matt Daniels
Performers Natasha Jynel, Zahra Newman, Halcyon Macleod and Willoh S.Weiland
Sound Consultant JR Brennan
Co-Producers Aphids & Performing Lines


Narelle Lewis | Producer
[email protected] |
+61 (0)2 9319 0066

Claire Portek | Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)414 765 915