EDMUND. THE BEGINNING is both an exercise in distorted biography and a confessional torrent. Brian Lipson summons a disordered array of characters from the impatient past and the murky present: some are familiar, some are famous, some are known only to Lipson. None are comfortable.

Fifteen years ago, Lipson’s acclaimed solo show, A Large Attendance in the Antechamber, won two Green Room Awards before touring the world for the next seven years. Brian is now considerably older and considerably less wise, but he can still talk very fast.

EDMUND. THE BEGINNING is even more intriguing than its predecessor, and each of its many characters is both a real person and an imaginary figure. But who imagines whom? Who is Whom? Who is Alive? Who is Dead? And Why?

In EDMUND. THE BEGINNING, literary giants, sirens, reprobates and infants cavort in existential quadrille. A few you will recognise, others you won’t. All will ring bells.


Fenn Gordon | Senior Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)2 9319 0066

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Somerset House, London, United Kingdom

Arts House, North Melbourne, Victoria 


Writer, Performer and Designer Brian Lipson
Director and Co-Creator Peter Evans
Outside Eyes Susie Dee (Melbourne) & Lucy Bailey (London)
Costume Designers Brian Lipson and Mel Page
Originally produced by Wendy Lasica
Promotional Video Justin Batchelor
Publicity and Production Imagery Sarah Walker

...A beautifully written text...carried by Lipson’s precisely-judged performance.
— ABC Arts