"Genius shows us difference as strength rather than limitation, and Amelia Ducker's format allows the charm and generosity of the performers to shine." - Sydney Morning Herald

Genius is a surprising and refreshing live-art experience led by neuro diverse young people, that invites audiences into a series of immersive encounters with six unique thinkers, the ‘Geniuses’. 

Genius appeals to those curious about the world, about human beings and the ways in which we exist. That’s the beauty of a spectrum: we’re all on it somewhere and it’s about finding points where we all intersect.

Creators Amelia Ducker together with the neuro-diverse performers
Director Amelia Ducker
Designer Amaya Vercellio
Performers/Co-Creators Max Beale, Katrina Chong, Will Hager, Ted Hargreaves, Julian Jarman & Christian Tsouvas


Fenn Gordon | Senior Producer
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