Once described as the ‘Romeo and Juliet of the East’ by Lord Byron, Layla and Majnun is a story of undying love that is claimed by cultures and traditions across the Islamic world from Persia, to Turkey to Malaysia and beyond.

The story has been passed through generations in pieces and fragments, and has multiple versions. For the first time, these stories from the giants of Persian poetry including Rumi have been consolidated and translated into a single English narrative by US based Farsi scholar and storyteller, Feraidoon Mojadedi.

This new work is being developed by emerging and diverse artists from Western Australia. Together with Feraidoon Mojadedi, and well-known local mentors, the team are exploring ways to incorporate visual projection and sound design with traditional storytelling to bring this tale into the 21st Century. 

A timely reminder of the universality of love across cultures around the world, this show will be developed throughout 2017 and will seek presentation opportunities for 2018 and beyond.

The project has also been supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, a residency at St Georges Dance and Theatre Program and the LOFT program.

Writer: Feraidoon Mojadedi
Director: James Berlyn
Visual Designers: Osama Mah and Hadia Fahad Bangash
Sound Designers: Sinan Aizad and Mujeeb Khan Mahadik
Mentors: Tristen Parr, Mia Holton & Fiona de Garis


Zainab Syed | Associate Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)8 9200 6232