Morning Star is a new production that draws upon the life and culture of Indigenous Australian woman, Rarriwuy Hick, to explore how identity can be shaped and formed by inter-cultural dialogue. Rarriwuy grew up negotiating the two cultures of her parents – her mother’s Yolngu culture from Arnhem Land in the far north of Australia and her father’s European culture – at times wondering which voice to speak with. 

In Morning Star Rarriwuy will tell her story in English and Yolngu, using the remarkable history of her Yolngu people and the artists of Yirrkala as a way to better understand her experience of growing up in two cultures. As a grown woman she now knows both cultures provide her with an extraordinary ability to talk to audiences about the riches and challenges that this life experience has given her. 

Yirrkala artists were amongst the first Indigenous Australians to recognise the potential use of visual art as a political tool as seen in the Yirrkala Church Panels and Yirrkala Bark Petition of 1963.  The latter is seen as significant catalyst in the movement to recognise the rights of all Indigenous Australians.

The courage and determination of these artists is a strong reference for Rarriwuy’s own approach to negotiating life through the prism of two very different cultures. Morning Star uses dance, song and Indigenous language as its primary storytelling tools, one of very few productions that puts Yolngu language at the centre of the work. 


Creator & Performer Rarriwuy Hick
Director Patrick Nolan
Lighting & Video Design Mark Howett
Set & Costume Design Genevieve Blanchett
Composer Philippe Bachman
Dramaturg Matt Cooper
Producers Pippa Bailey (Performing Lines) & Philippe Bachman (La Comete)


Pippa Bailey | Senior Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)2 9319 0066