Superheroes, electronica, comic books, gaming and punk rock, My Radio Heart is a love letter to the digital age. This explosion of sound and colour is more than concert; these songs have a heart and story to tell.

Inspired by X-Men, video games and our obsession with the online world, My Radio Heart combines contemporary pop with large-scale digital projection to tell stories of love, loss and waiting to connect.

Created by renowned mixed abilities ensemble Tralala Blip together with Urban Theatre Projects and NORPA, My Radio Heart is a pop culture odyssey into the world of gaming – a place of beauty, adventure, and escape. You can be anyone here…
My Radio Heart was initially developed as a theatre show, blurring the boundaries of traditional theatre and music. The show will be redesigned to tour to a range of locations, including festivals, Spiegeltents, gallery spaces, live music venues and bars.



My Radio Heart is co-produced with Urban Theatre Projects, NORPA and Performing Lines, commissioned by NORPA and made with Tralala Blip – a mixed-abilities experimental sound ensemble from regional NSW.

Director/Writer Rosie Dennis
Cast Mathew Daymond, Lydian Dunbar, Claudie Frock, Zac Misfud, Randolf Reimann & Phoebe Rose
Sound Design Lawrence English
Co-sound Design Randolf Reimann
Video Design Samuel James

Production Manager Phil Downing
Original Producers Bethwynn Hackett (NORPA); Bibi Serafim (UTP) 
Costumes Bridget Barker & Phoebe Rose
Builder Gerard Sonntag
Stage Manager Andy Stewart

Video art made with students from project partner Wilson Park Public School
School Workshop Facilitator Phil Blackman


Narelle Lewis | Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)2 9319 0066


6pm, Sat 20 Aug | Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA)

7pm, Fri 26 Aug | Liquid Architecture at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane | More info>>

7:30pm, Mon 29 Aug | Performing Arts Exchange, Melbourne
More info>>

Sydney’s Urban Theatre Projects and Northern Rivers Performing Arts have put together something so creative and unique with My Radio Heart that it lingers in the mind long after the piece ends
— The Northern Star