Ghenoa Gela - little sister, daughter, grandaughter, best friend, scary bitch, big shot, black, white, brown, fierce, deadly, lover, street fighter, dancer,actor, storyteller, liar, comic, teacher, rebel, gold medalist, air guitarist, charmer, TV star, Torres Strait mainlander and walking political statement - is making a solo show.

My Urrwai shares her story, through the discipline of cultural training and protocols, to alter-egos and globetrotting success.

Award winning Koedal (Crocodile) and Waumer (Frigate Bird) woman Ghenoa Gela is from Rockhampton Central Queensland.

Her performance credits include: host and choreographer for Deadly Vibe Australia’s TV show Move It Mob Style; From the Ground Up, Circus Oz; The Piper, My Darling Patricia (Sydney Festival/Edinburgh Festival Fringe); and various works with Force Majeure including guest choreographer for Nothing to Lose. Ghenoa received the Keir Choreographic Award in 2016 and Deadly Funny Award at Melbourne Comedy Festival, 2017 and is currently touring with the hit show Hot Brown Honey.

My Urrwai has support from Australia Council of the Arts, CREATE NSW with development support from Carriageworks and FORM Dance Projects.


Narelle Lewis | Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)2 9319 0066