Ghenoa Gela - little sister, daughter, granddaughter, comic, teacher, rebel, gold medallist, air guitarist, charmer, TV star, Torres Strait mainlander, walking political statement – has made a show.

This is your invitation into the complex political, social, colonial and cultural expectations she navigates every day.

Ghenoa is a recipient of both the renowned Keir Choreographic Award and the Deadly Funny Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award. Laughter and deep reflection go hand in hand in this unique and intimate story told through movement and words.

My Urrwai is a revealing reflection on and celebration of cultural and familial inheritance, and an unflinching comment on race relations in Australia.


Creator/Performer Ghenoa Gela
Director Rachael Maza
Dramaturg/Movement Consultant Kate Champion
Composer Ania Reynolds
Lighting Designer Niklas Pajanti
Produced by Performing Lines & Belvoir
Presented by Belvoir & Performing Lines in association with ILBIJERRI & Sydney Festival


19 Jan - 4 Feb 2018 | Belvoir Theatre at Sydney Festival | BUY TICKETS>>



Narelle Lewis | Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)2 9319 0066