Sue Healey’s ON VIEW series of live shows and installations evoke the reverential spaces of a portrait gallery, exploring the dimensions of portraiture and how we view each other.
This delicate work explores the relationship between live performance and moving image, revealing the drama between the choreographic and the filmic – a provocative dialogue between performers and their cinematic selves, articulating how we see and are seen.

Part 1 is a five channel performance installation; film portraits of innovative dance artists interspersed with live performance in a theatre. Here performers confront and are in dialogue with their cinematic selves. The featured dancers are: Martin del Amo, Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock, Raghav Handa and Nalina Wait – all established independent dance practitioners.
Part 2 is a separate video installation featuring Dame Lucette Aldous and Professor Shirley McKechnie, elders and icons of Australian Dance. Suitable for a gallery or foyer.

“Healey knows how to pick a dancer. These are wonderfully mature, individual artists…Each makes an impression as an individual but Healey doesn’t leave it there. At the end the five come together, dressed alike and moving as one in a gently ecstatic whirl. The affirmation of community is extremely beautiful.” Deborah Jones, The Australian 


Film: Sue Healey
Choreographer: Sue Healey, in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Martin del Amo, Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock, Raghav Handa, Nalina Wait
Director of Photography: Judd Overton
Music: Darrin Verhagen, Justin Ashworth
Lighting Designer: Karen Norris


Pippa Bailey | Senior Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)2 9319 0066