A Snowman in the Desert

With a fast car slowing him down and a wealth of things to be buried under, an old man discards everything but his spirit.

Award-winning writer and performer of Alzheimer Symphony, Justus Neumann is back with his new solo show A Snowman in the Desert. A black comedy about a rich man who is disillusioned with society and decides to part from his wealth and live on the street.  He trades his Ferrari for an old rusty bike, and his wardrobe for a pile of plastic bags.  He finds this absolutely liberating and it fills him with great joy.

Justus Neumann’s work is vigorous, subversive and tragically funny. Even while watching it, I knew I would never forget its impact on my body and mind.”

Alzheimer Symphony – RealTime Arts Review


Performer and Co-Creator
Justus Neumann

Director and Co-Creator
John Bolton

Text Inspiration
Herbert Maurer

Live Music Arrangement and Performance
Julius Schwing

Produced by
Performing Lines TAS

Information for Presenters

Presentation History

Peacock Theatre
Hobart, TAS

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

Hero image by Wolfgang Kalal

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