ARCO (Jnr/Snr)

Adam Kelly

A Compelling Story of Yearning and Optimism

Adam Kelly is, in his words, an autistic gentleman. His friend Finbar is a fish. Adam thinks that asking someone what it feels like to live with autism is pretty much like asking a fish (i.e. Finbar) if it knows it’s in water, which is pretty funny if you think about it.

ARCO is Adam Kelly’s award-wining show about living with autism, or, in Finbar the fish’s case, living in water. The show takes a heartfelt look at the life and struggles of a young man trying to make connections with the people and world around him. Along the way Adam asks gently of his audience to consider life from his perspective.

ARCO Jnr, a supercharged version of the original for children and families, incorporates exciting animation from Perth-based neurodiverse artist Ben Hollingsworth. Join us as Adam and Finbar dance, draw, fly and joke their way into our hearts.

[A]n unexpected gem of a show. Adam Kelly is perhaps one of the most optimistic people you’ll ever come across and his passion for theatre and zest for life shines through. He is having the time of his life up there on that stage and sharing it with others is a marvellous gift… Why not go and see Adam Kelly and pick up a few techniques to grab life in one enormous bear hug!”

Fourth Wall Media


Co-creator & Performer
Adam Kelly

Co-creator & Artistic Director
James Berlyn

Alex Desebrock

Lighting Designer
Pete Young

Sound Designer
Tristen Parr

Ben Hollingsworth

Arts Mentor
Johanna Keyser


Stage Manager
Catherine O’Donoghue

Produced by Performing Lines WA

Information for Presenters

We are currently seeking presentation opportunities for 2025 and beyond.

Age suitability
ARCO Jnr:  7+
ARCO Snr: 15+

Jnr: 35mins + 15mins Q&A
Snr: 45mins + 15mins Q&A

Touring party
1 performer
2 production crew
1 support worker
Producer (TBC)

Bump In/Out
2-hour bump-in ready to open on the same day.

Preferred performance space
Preferably a semi-circular space 7-10 meters across and up to 5-6m deep.
Small theatres or Black box with a capacity of around 200 people, and first row of seating at stage level.

Max 2 shows per day, 6-8 shows per week

Jeremy Smith Senior Producer
Cecile Lucas Marketing Coordinator and Associate Producer

Presentation History

Fringe World
Perth, WA
View full Presentation History

Full Presentation History for ARCO (Jnr/Snr)

Fringe World
Perth, WA
AWESOME Festival
Perth, WA
Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
Mandurah, WA
Albany Entertainment Centre
Albany, WA
Harvey Recreation Centre
Harvey, WA
Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre
Bunbury, WA
Arts Centre Melbourne
Melbourne, VIC
FUSE International Festvial
London, UK

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

ARCO (Jnr/Snr) is a WA Youth Theatre Company production by Adam Kelly and James Berlyn, produced by Performing Lines WA.

ARCO Jnr creative development was supported by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body. The world-premiere of the work was commissioned and presented by AWESOME Festival.



Hero image by James Campbell

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