From Here, Together

Emma Fishwick

Co3 Artistic Director Raewyn Hill has invited Emma Fishwick to be the IN.RESIDENCE artist for 2022. 

This residency opportunity will give Fishwick time to consolidate the research and development of her choreographic work. 

Working with a formidable team of collaborators, Fishwick undertakes a purposeful exploration of the material that was left out of her 2021 Perth Festival Commission, Slow Burn, Together, and how it can be reimagined and expanded. What was discarded becomes new again inan upcycling of choreographic intent and a redirection of the original.  

Equally hypnotic and hauntingly beautiful, From Here, Together looks at space and how it informs our views of gender, power, and labour among other concepts. 

The investigation will result in a series of showings followed by a facilitated discussion with dramaturg Dr Renee Newman and choreographer Emma Fishwick at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia in June 2022.

Presently social, cultural and political tensions feel particularly palpable and within these tensions is the presence of reoccurring conversations, historic loops if you will, that can make progress feel, all at once, attainable and artificial. Space appears loudly in these conversations, whether in terms of how we occupy, define or create space, and how we make space for future solutions. Where Slow Burn, Together attempted to arrest time while poking holes in the logics and aesthetics of the past, From Here, Together criss-crosses traces of what has come before with a mindful meditation on where do we go from here (together)?

Emma Fishwick


Emma Fishwick 

Performer collaborators
Michelle Aitken
Francesca Fenton
Zendra Giraudo
Bobbi Henry
Crystal Nguyen
Bobby Russell
Ella-Rose Trew

Sound Design/ Composition
Tristen Parr

Lighting Design/ Production Manager
Mark Haslam

Set & Costume Design
Bruce McKinven

Set & Costume Design Associate
Amalia Lambert

Renee Newman & Joe Lui

Produced by
Performing Lines WA

Information for Presenters

Jen Leys Producer
Jeremy Smith Senior Producer

Presentation History

State Theatre Centre of Western Australia
Perth, WA

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

Emma Fishwick is the 2022 IN.RESIDENCE artist as part of CO3’s Pathways program supported by the Wright Burt Foundation and Performing Lines WA. This opportunity is also supported by the City of Perth, Perth Theatre Trust and The Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries.


Hero Image by Emma Fiswhick
Video by Fionn Mulholland
Production shot by Chris Symes

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