Goddess – The Elizabeth Burton Story

I think the human body is a beautiful instrument. I don’t want to be thought of as a sex object. I much prefer to be thought of as a racehorse with good body control. – Elizabeth Burton

GODDESS is a cabaret tapestry of the life of the legendary Elizabeth Burton, as told and teased by the Goddess herself! Burton’s life mantra is Masticate, Masturbate, Meditate, Mobility!

With this mantra Burton and her collaborators Aaron Manhattan & Betty Grumble cast her memories and dreams, grit and glamour, radical pleasure and goddess energy across the stage in lessons of self love and resilience all from the source of the Buddhist Stripper herself. 73 years young, Burton’s practice has taken her around the world. A tour during the Vietnam War, resident Les Girl, company member alongside Michael Matou in The Sideshow Theatre Company and defiant Motherhood. She continues to work as a teacher, mentor, performer and hairdresser to the homeless naming herself resident ‘Ol’ Tart of Surry Hills.’

Join us as Elizabeth guides us with her experience, body and light, showing us how to be with ourselves and for ourselves.


Co-Creators & Performers
Elizabeth Burton, Betty Grumble & Aaron Manhattan

Victoria Spence

Lighting Designer and Production Manager
Alex Torney

Costume Designers
Alice Joel and Holly-Jane Cohle

Set Designer
Tobhiyah Stone Feller

Music includes Original Composition “The Stripper” by Martin Raphael

Promotional Photography
Liz Ham

Promotional Make-Up Design
Daniel Jay Cater

Rehearsal & Production Images
Joseph Mayers Photography

Kate Blackmore

Produced by Performing Lines

Originally produced in association with Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz Theatre.

Information for Presenters

Presentation History

Red Line Productions; Old Fitzroy Theatre
Sydney, NSW

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

Goddess is produced by Performing Lines. This project has been supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW. Goddess was originally produced in association with Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz Theatre

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