Happy Me

You want it, but you can’t get it.
You get it, but you don’t know it.
You know it, but you can’t keep it.
You keep it … and then it just walks away.
It’s the best thing in the world and you can never have enough … although sometimes maybe you can have too much.

Four Tasmanians face crucial moments in their lives. A young woman at the beginning of her career, too busy to fall in love, and an office worker facing retirement, knowing that happiness is only days away. A worker who doesn’t even realise he may have already lost what happiness he had, and a politician juggling career, baby, and partner … who has time to be happy?!

An imaginative musical that explores that elusive beast we call happiness”

Marcus Bower The Examiner


Writers, Composers & Original Cast
Tony Carew
Anne Grainger
Travis Hennessy
Georgina Todman

Dramaturge & Production Concept Development
Robert Jarman

Rehearsal Director
Jane Johnson

Designer Maker
Roz Wren

Produced by
Performing Lines TAS

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