Helena And the Journey of the Hello

These are not bedtime stories.
Bedtime stories are for your parents to tell you.
These are morning time stories. And they are the best.

Helena and the Journey of the Hello is a kid’s picture book tale in a crossed line conversation with contemporary times. The old world charm of the illustrated story is given a theatrical twist as unexpected parts of the set and costumes open like pages in a book. Children and adults are amazed at what is possible with a mobile phone, a coat and an old iron bed as they are taken on the Journey of the Hello.

The audience sit inside the fantasy world of Helena Bugosi. And what a world this is! Helena’s mum is always on the phone – because she lives in it. Helena’s father went into the forest and befriended the foxes, before getting into a small boat and going out to sea, leaving Helena to sing songs by the side of the road.

Terrapin’s naughty new show is narrated by three mischievous animals that could be straight out of the midsummer night forest. They croon and wail in a waltz playing band; they fumble with puppets and fiddle with phones, weaving the audience through a thicket of stories about Helena and her mother who lives in a phone!


Co-designer and Director
Frank Newman

Finegan Kruckemeyer

Music by
Fred Showell

Puppet Designer
Greg Methé

Lighting Designer
Danny Pettingill

Ryk Goddard
Mel King
Sam McMahon

Original Artwork
Tim Schultz

Production Designer
Kate Davis

A Terrapin Puppet Theatre Production
Presented by Performing Lines TAS

Information for Presenters

Sinsa Mansell Senior Producer
P <

Presentation History

Tasman District School Hall
Nubeena, TAS
Kettering Hall
Kettering, TAS
Palais Theatre Franklin
Franklin, TAS
Campbell Town Hall
Campbell Town, TAS
Deloraine Little Theatre
Deloraine, TAS
Stanley Town Hall
Stanley, TAS
Queenstown Memorial Hall
Queenstown, TAS
Devonport Entertainment Centre
Devonport, TAS
George Town Memorial Hall
George Town, TAS
Performing Arts Centre
Scottsdale, TAS
Portland Hall
St Helens, TAS
Bicheno Memorial Hall
Bicheno, TAS
Swansea Town Hall
Swansea, TAS

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

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Where we are and the history that precedes us informs how we work and how we move forward.