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The greatest love story ever told

Often described as the Romeo and Juliet of the East,  Layla Majnun  is a powerful and enduring tale of love and separation loved by cultures across the world. Now re-imagined into a solo show featuring Farsi scholar and storyteller, Ustaadh Feraidoon Mojadedi, the show has been created by a team of diverse artists from Western  Australia and directed by James Berlyn. 
Showcasing poems by Rumi and other poets,  this  hour-long performance integrates traditional Persian storytelling with contemporary visual projections and original music, bringing this tale to the 21st  Century. 

Produced and presented by Performing Lines WA, the show premiered in Perth, Western Australia, 2019 and is now seeking future presentations for 2020 and beyond.

I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night of Layla Majnun with many of my friends. We’re all of different backgrounds from the East and had grown up with different versions of the story but absolutely loved it. I have never attended an event so inclusive and so beautiful.”
Audience member

Audience engagement

Celebrating the rich heritage of this epic Persian tale, we strongly encourage presenters to consider creating pre and post-show audience engagement activities as an add-on to the performance. In consultation with presenters, we would happily help you devise a program of activities that best suits your audience. Some ideas include:

  • Persian calligraphy workshop
  • Tea tasting station
  • Henna hand tattoo
  • Photobooth
  • Live music
  • An exhibition featuring local artists

An informational video to learn more about Layla Majnun will travel with the show.

Persian calligraphy workshop

Tea tasting station

Henna hand tattoo

Foyer transformation

Using layers of colours and fabrics that travel with the show you can turn your foyer into a beautiful and welcoming space, creating a magical immersive experience for your audience from the moment they enter your venue.

Here are some pictures of our foyer transformation for the world-premiere of Layla Majnun at Subiaco Arts Centre.



Feraidoon Mojadedi

Writer & Narrator

Sinan Aizad


Matthew McVeigh

Set Designer


See Team Bios

James Berlyn


Mujeeb Khan Mahadik


Lucy Birkinshaw

Lighting Designer

Zainab Syed

Creative producer

Tristen Parr

Sound Realisor/Mentor

Hadia Bangash


Mia Holton

Visual Realisor/Mentor

Information for Presenters

For information about presenting this work, please contact our Producer, Zainab Syed.

Jeremy Smith Senior Producer

Presentation History

Subiaco Arts Centre
Subiaco, WA

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

Produced by Performing Lines WA, this project has been supported by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body; and the WA Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and The Blue Room Theatre’s LOFT program.

In everything we do, we acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal land and constantly learn from the wisdom of First Peoples.

Where we are and the history that precedes us informs how we work and how we move forward.