Will O’Mahony
28–31 July
Subiaco Arts Centre
Perth, WA

Ever said something online you wish you could take back?

Boy is in hiding. He became a household name when a careless comment sparked a shitstorm in the twitterverse.

Now the internet demands a sacrifice. Stuck in his home and avoiding the world aside from the occasional conversation with a food delivery rider, he’s waiting for the storm to pass to emerge and rebuild his life.

But with your past deeds only a google away, can you ever truly be forgotten?

This dark and subversive boy-meets-girl thriller explores the limits of privacy, forgiveness and redemption.

Created by Will O’Mahony, directed by Frances Barbe, and produced by Performing Lines WA, the show features acclaimed performer and broadcaster Andrea Gibbs, prolific writer and performer Will O’Mahony, leading drummer Liam Hickey and newcomer Tobias Muhafidin.

Minneapolis takes an unflinching look at the faultlines in contemporary culture, masculinity and the normalisation of hate speech in the grey space between the public and the private.

The inspiration

“Many years ago I was at dinner with some friends.” explains Will O’Mahony. “We were talking about Groundhog Day, the classic 90’s comedy starring Bill Murray about a jaded weatherman who finds himself trapped living the same day over and over and over again. A question was posed to the group: if you found yourself in his situation, knowing that in 24 hours all would be reset, what would you do? One by one we went around answering the question. Dumb stuff. Bungee jumping without a cord etc. But suddenly the group fell silent. Someone said something so awful, so shocking, so reprehensible and abominable and monstrous that it almost destroyed our friendship.”


Will O’Mahony

Frances Barbe

Andrea Gibbs
Tobias Muhafidin
Will O’Mahony

Drummer and Sound Designer
Liam Hickey

Set and Costume Designer
Kaitlin Brindley

Lighting Designer
Joe Lui

Produced by
Performing Lines WA

Current dates & tickets

28–31 July
Subiaco Arts Centre
Perth, WA
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Information for Presenters

Following inclusion in Playwriting Australia’s National Play Festival and a nomination for the prestigious Griffin Award, Minneapolis is ready for premiere.

Zainab Syed Producer

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

Minneapolis is one of the four projects supported by the Theatre Development Initiative in 2019, a grant program provided by the WA Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to support high-quality professional theatre productions in the mid-tier sector.

In everything we do, we acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal land and constantly learn from the wisdom of our First Peoples.

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