Will O’Mahony

What happens when words are denied their context?
In a private conversation, do our words belong to us?

“Many years ago I was at dinner with some friends.” explains Will O’Mahony. “We were talking about Groundhog Day, the classic 90’s comedy starring Bill Murray about a jaded weatherman who finds himself trapped living the same day over and over and over again. A question was posed to the group: if you found yourself in his situation, knowing that in 24 hours all would be reset, what would you do? One by one we went around answering the question. Dumb stuff. Bungee jumping without a cord etc. But suddenly the group fell silent. Someone said something so awful, so shocking, so reprehensible and abominable and monstrous that it almost destroyed our friendship.”

Produced and presented by Performing Lines WA, Minneapolis is a searing new play by Will O’Mahony. Its origin dates back to 2016 when a series of public events led to Will questioning callout culture, public shaming and online courts of public opinion. This coincided with the #MeToo movement and the public outpouring of horrendous historical stories of abuse.

Minneapolis takes an unflinching look at how these aspects of contemporary culture collide – our broken masculinity, systemic rape culture and the normalisation of hate speech with the grey space between the public and the private. We live in an age where people subscribe to the idea that a life not recorded is a life not lived. Minneapolis is a dark inversion of the boy-meets-girl formula, asking whether two people whose relationship is founded on destruction can ever find a connection.

For this project, Will O’Mahony has brought together an impressive creative team, ensuring gender parity and diversity are at the forefront.

The show will premiere at Subiaco Arts Centre, 15-18 July 2020. Tickets on sale soon.


Boy is kicked out of his band and made the international face of misogyny after disgusting comments he makes at a gig are posted by Girl and go viral.  Locking himself in his soundproof room and refusing to leave, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Roo, a teenage food courier who is learning to become a man.


Will O’Mahony

Frances Barbe

Andrea Gibbs
Tobias Muhafidin
Will O’Mahony

Drummer and Sound Designer
Liam Hickey

Set and Costume Designer
Kaitlin Brindley

Lighting Designer
Joe Lui

Produced by
Performing Lines WA

Information for Presenters

Following inclusion in Playwriting Australia’s National Play Festival and a nomination for the prestigious Griffin Award, Minneapolis is ready for premiere.

Zainab Syed Producer

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

Minneapolis is one of the four projects supported by the Theatre Development Initiative in 2019, a grant program provided by the WA Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to support high-quality professional theatre productions in the mid-tier sector.

In everything we do, we acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal land and constantly learn from the wisdom of our First Peoples.

Where we are and the history that precedes us informs how we work and how we move forward.