Park Days

Jordy Gregg

Park Days is a play I am writing from my own experience.  It is not only my story, but a shared fever dream of a culture that doesn’t exist anymore.  At least not so out in the open.

I am an Aboriginal man with lineage from Queensland. I am accepted by the palawa community in lutruwita. I am proud of my past and present endeavours both professionally and personally. But life can throw you into ups and downs like a roller-coaster. At some points of this journey I nearly fell straight off. But my supportive family and friends never let me.

I now work full-time at the ABC with dreams of finding stories of people who, like the characters in Park Days, often don’t get their stories told

Park Days is a play about how a life can shift; how people can change the direction of their life. It explores the ups and downs of the roller-coaster ride through a lens of a boy who feels all to familiar sometimes.


Jordy Gregg

Nathan Maynard

Script Development
Peter Matheson

Denni Proctor

Produced by
Performing Lines TAS

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