The New Bachelorette

Julia Hales and Bron Batten

The New Bachelorette is a radical reimagining of the blockbuster television franchise with Julia Hales – an actor with Down syndrome – starring as the bachelorette.  

Created by award winning theatre makers and collaborators Julia Hales & Bron Batten, the show sees Julia date men with differing abilities live on stage, in a ground-breaking theatrical exploration of dating and disability; subversively presenting a person with a disability as an object of desire. 

Playfully utilising greenscreen technology and projections The New Bachelorette embraces the format of reality TV and its recognisable tropes and conventions to ask uncomfortable questions about agency and self-determination for people with disabilities, and guide the audience in questioning their own inherent prejudices. 

Interweaving interactive and spontaneous moments with a dynamic mix of live and pre-recorded screen-based performances, The New Bachelorette delivers an immersive experience that evokes laughter, fantasy, joy, and intimacy.

At the heart of this remarkable production are performers who intimately share their lived experiences of loneliness, dating, and intimacy. These authentic stories will deeply resonate with audiences, touching their hearts and minds in ways that have yet to be witnessed on Australian stages.

Bron and I have very different backgrounds… Working with Bron helped me a lot… I learnt the importance of drawing from personal experiences to inspire my work and ideas.

Julia Hales

The collaboration with Julia and the Bachelors has taught me the value of patience, listening, navigating processes with care and centering marginalised voices and perspectives.

Bron Batten


Julia Hales and Bron Batten

Bron Batten

Outside Eye/Dramaturg
Kate Sulan

Julia Hales
Bryn Jones
Adam Kelly
Sam Kerr-Philips
Justin Marshall
Sam Ren

Set and Costume Designer
Amalia Lambert

Lighting Designer
Lisa Mibus

Audio Visual Design
Solomon Thomas

Composition and Sound Design
Tim Collins


Ally Artists
Laura Boynes
Geordie Crawley (co-devisor)
Bernadette Lewis

Production Manager/Technical Director
Mark Haslam

Executive Producer My Place WA Ltd.
Simone Flavelle

Performing Lines WA

Information for Presenters

Jen Leys Producer
Jeremy Smith Senior Producer

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

The world premiere is supported by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative, managed by the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, in association with the Confederation if Australian International Arts Festivals Inc., commissioned by Perth Festival, RISING, Sydney Opera House and Hong Kong Arts Festival – No Limits.

The production of The New Bachelorette has been made possible through generous funding from the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, as well as support from the WA Government via the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. These funds have greatly facilitated a series of creative developments, many of which have been shepherded by My Place Ltd.

Central to this, My Place has been proud to support Julia Hales to realise her ambition to create The New Bachelorette in collaboration with Bron Batten. My Place supports independent artists with disability to take their place in mainstream arts contexts by offering administration and producing support.

Images by Duncan Wright

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