In 2010, Jo Pollitt and Maitland Schnaars, both writers, began a conversation on Facebook Messenger. They started writing in script form, giving mutual permission to speak and ask each other any questions. No taboos. No restraints.

Using materials from what has been a decade-long conversation, they have assembled a poetic narrative born from distance, time, openness and honesty.

The result is a provocative dialogue about intimacy in black and white Australia – migrant and original populations, identity, and presence.

Combining dramatic storytelling, audio-visual and choreographic language, The Simmering is a side-by-side duet of emotional and intellectual intimacy that renders visible the things too hard to say between culture and identity.


Jo Pollitt and Maitland Schnaars 

Jo Pollitt 

Emily McLean 

Maitland Schnaars
Rachel Arianne Ogle

Understudy Performer
Talitha Maslin 

Additional Video Performer
Gabriel Critti-Schnaars 

Sound Designer, Composer & Performer
Joe Paradise Lui 

 AV Designer
Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson 

AV Cinematographer
Elliott Nieves 

Fight Choreographer
Rubeun Yorkshire 

Voice Coach
Julia Moody 

Production Managers
Ben Nelson
Mark Haslam

Produced by
Performing Lines WA

Information for Presenters

Jeremy Smith Senior Producer
Joo Tan Associate Producer

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

Produced by Performing Lines WA, The Simmering is supported by the WA Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

In everything we do, we acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal land and constantly learn from the wisdom of First Peoples.

Where we are and the history that precedes us informs how we work and how we move forward.