This Uncharted Hour

While driving, a young man kills a dog. This accidental event steers him unexpectedly to the house, now abandoned, where he grew up.  As he moves from room to room, he releases memories and ghosts of the lives lived within its walls and exposes a long-held family secret.

A secret that stopped time – leaving a woman trapped by memory; a son groping for answers; a husband with his lover; and a revelation that blasts their world with light.


Finegan Kruckemeyer

Director & Designer
Robert Jarman

Matthew Dewey

Lighting Designer
Danny Pettingill

Helen Edwards

Mel King
Antony Morgan
Jane Longhurst
Kai Raisbeck
Brett Rogers
Ben Winspear

Stage Manager
Jen Cramer

A Performing Lines TAS production

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Presentation History

Theatre Royal
Hobart, TAS

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

Originally Commissioned by Brink Productions

In everything we do, we acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal land and constantly learn from the wisdom of First Peoples.

Where we are and the history that precedes us informs how we work and how we move forward.