Unwoman is song.
Unwoman is a crime.
Unwoman is a real and substantial risk.

UNWOMAN is an epic and imagistic piece of feminist theatre created in both Ireland and Australia, examining reproductive rights, experiences of pregnancy and bodily autonomy.

Made with THE RABBLE, professional performers and a community ensemble of pregnant performers, UNWOMAN is an invocation of the pregnant body as a plurality of experiences. It is visceral, carnal and an uncompromising piece of feminist theatre horrified by the history and laws attempting to curb bodily autonomy and reproductive rights.

Unwoman is a bold, exquisitely crafted work from a company at the height of its powers. Emma Valente and Kate Davis are geniuses. They’ve fused design and three styles of performance with sublime creative intelligence, weaving an interrogation of received ideas about women’s reproduction – set against the lived experience of it – into an unforgettable masterpiece.
— Cameron Woodhead, The Age


Co-created and Co-directed by
Kate Davis and Emma Valente

Part III Co-created with
Maeve Stone

Set and Costume Design
Kate Davis

Lighting Design, Composition and Sound Design
Emma Valente

Additional Sound Design Part III
Maeve Stone

Produced by
Performing Lines

Production Manager
Rebecca Etchell

Stage Manager
Cassandra Fumi


Lighting Programmer
Emma Lockhart-Wilson

Costume Supervisors
Amanda Hitten & Jemima Johnston

Set & Costume Construction
Amanda Hitten, Georgette Crump, Carmody Nicol, Emily Crosato, Rohanna Hadlow, Jemima Johnston

Scenic Construction
Hahnie Goldfinch

Information for Presenters

UNWOMAN Part III was co created with Maeve Stone in Dublin 2018.

UNWOMAN premiered in and was presented by Dublin Fringe Festival, 8 – 16 September, 2018 | Samuel Beckett Theatre | Dublin, Ireland

Samantha Butterworth Senior Producer

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

UNWOMAN is presented by THE RABBLE. This project has been supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts. Unwoman Part III (2018) was co-created with Maeve Stone and performed by Olwen Fouere with commissioning support from Dublin Fringe Festival, developed through FRINGE LAB and produced with support from Pan Pan Theatre (Ireland).

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