YONDER comes at a time of wrenching global debate around the #timesup movements, trans rights, climate change & Trump post-truth, asking us to contemplate our relationship with each other & the environment.
Emma Fishwick

YONDER is a new dance work in development that layers movement, live sound & live sculpture to explore the contradictions that arise from the conflation of gender & environment.

Featuring seven leading WA-based dance & contemporary artists at State Theatre Centre of West Australia, YONDER utilises multiple live layers and the unique Australian landscape as an access point to note and shift ideas of gender & ecology, how they sit within our urgent global conversations. With a highly-experienced inter-generational female cast (Sue Peacock, Shona Erskine, Isabella Stone & Storm Helmore), live industrial sound (Brett Smith), and a growing floral sculpture (Alina Tang, Bruce McKiven) that slowly takes over the stage, YONDER looks to past norms and current conversations to consider our future landscapes.


Created by
Emma Fishwick

Sue Peacock
Shona Erskine
Isabella Stone
Storm Helmore

Sound Design & Performance
Brett Smith

Sculpture Design
Alina Tang
Bruce McKiven

Produced by Performing Lines

Information for Presenters

This work is currently in development stage.

Jen Leys Producer
Jeremy Smith Senior Producer

Project Partners & Acknowledgements

In everything we do, we acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal land and constantly learn from the wisdom of First Peoples.

Where we are and the history that precedes us informs how we work and how we move forward.