Rachael Whitworth | Producer

Rachael Whitworth joined Performing Lines in 2011 from Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, where she was working as an Associate Producer during the lead up to the 20th UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Festival. Trained at VCA, Rachael began her career as a dancer with the West Australian Ballet. She worked with Buzz Dance Theatre for three years as a contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer and between 1998 and 2000 worked as an independent dancer on numerous projects before diversifying her practice.

She performed and collaborated with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre for nearly a decade and whilst performing, completed a Graduate Diploma in Arts and Entertainment Management at Deakin University in 2000. Working as a producer with Performing Lines is an exciting transition for Rachael as she is able to work closely with artists, using her experience as an independent practitioner, whilst applying and extending her knowledge of project management.


Rachael Whitworth | Producer
rachael@performinglineswa.org.au | +61 (0)8 9200 6232 | 0409 544 551