Little people have big ideas.

Imagine a space for thinking. For musing over life’s big questions. What is love? What is important to remember in life? What is a big idea?

Small Voices Louder is a child-only space for playing and pondering. It’s a magical world of tents and teepees where kids lie under clouds, talk to an alien, discover a dinosaur egg and step into a portal to the future. It’s a space for dreaming, wondering and talking about the bigger things in life. 

It is also a recording space, where kids’ answers are turned into soundtracks for adult ears to stop and listen to.  We believe that children, sometimes, are exactly what the world needs to hear. And adults don’t listen enough.

Part 1 - This is a kids-only event | Only for children aged 7–12. It is not suitable for children aged 6 and under, or children who cannot read.
Part 2 – For adults in unsuspecting places.


Performer / Creator Alex Desebrock
Designer (Part 1) Ben Landau
Sound Design Thom Browning & Sharyn Brand
Dramturgy Dan Koop
Developing Artists Conor Fox, Ed Gould, Ryan Granger & Robert Jordan
Mentor Sara Topsøe-Jensen
Images Ben Landau
Video Emma Fishwick
Produced by Performing Lines WA


Alex Desebrock is an independent artist based in Perth, Western Australia. Her work spans interactive theatre, live art, installations, online and public interventions. Her practice focuses around empathy, connecting strangers, big questions and the child’s voice.

She is the lady behind Maybe (   ) Together that has presented works across Australia including Sydney Festival, Perth International Arts Festival, DreamBig Festival, Awesome Festival, Federation Square, The Arts Centre, White Night Melbourne, Harvest Festival, ArtPlay, The School of Life Melbourne, homes, street corners and on a plinth in front of the Brunswick Town Hall. A series of interventions have also been performed in London, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Alex completed Animateuring (VCA) in 2011 and was awarded the Barbara Manning Scholarship. In 2012 she received a Jump Mentorship to work with the Artistic Director of Carte Blanche (Denmark). She also received an Australia Council ArtStart grant in 2013 which included a residency at Contact Inc, Brisbane. She was also recently selected to be the Australian representative for the ASSITEJ directors seminar in Mannheim, Germany, receiving an Ian Potter Grant to attend.

Alex is a founding member of Arts x Activism and INHEPI tribe. She was the Program Coordinator at ArtPlay for 3 years and is committed to promoting the voice of the child.


Jen Leys | Producer
[email protected] | +61 (0)8 9200 6213

We are currently seeking national and international presentation opportunities.



Beverley, Western Australia

Beverley Station Arts
Merredin, Western Australia
Cummins Theatre
Ravensthorpe, Western Australia
Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council
Harvey, Western Australia
Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre
Mandurah, Western Australia
Mandurah Performing Arts Centre 
Perth International Arts Festival
State Theatre Centre of WA