The Story Only I Can Tell is the fascinating story of William’s life. His forebears migrated from China to Australia over a hundred years ago and subsequent generations adapted to western culture. William grew up in North Queensland on a tobacco farm, and has made his way in the world as an architect, a playwright, a photographer, a visual artist, a film-maker, and now a story-teller. He has led a varied life, working alongside many of Australia’s best-known artists from all artforms, including Patrick White, Brett Whitely and Jenny Kee.

He is known worldwide for his poignant work exploring social diversity, belonging and travel. The Story Only I Can Tell exemplifies his ability to engage and move audiences with his eloquent, powerful and uniquely Australian stories.

The Story Only I Can Tell is designed to sit alongside performances by community members of their own stories, created through storytelling workshops led by Yang.

“Yang is the consummate conversationalist, unassuming and congenial, as though talking in the intimacy of his lounge room."
Canberra Times
“Yang’s work is a triumph” The Daily Telegraph


Writer and Performer William Yang
Music Composer James Brown


Depending on the needs of the venue, there are a variety of options available including:

- a weekend to a two week storytelling workshop (potentially after-work hours to accommodate needs) to develop local stories.  A shorter workshop can be delivered by William alone.

- this could culminate in a performance of the best of the community stories - either on your professional stage or in your rehearsal space /studio

- followed the next night by a performance of The Story Only I Can Tell by William on one of your professional stages


Fenn Gordon | Senior Producer
[email protected]


10 July | Drama Theatre, Performing Arts Centre | Monash University, Melbourne | Get Tickets>>
22 Sept | Orange Civic Theatre |  
Orange, New South Wales | Get Tickets>>
6 Oct | Hawkes Bay Arts Festival | Blyth Performing Arts Centre, Hawkes Bay | Get Tickets>>
24 Oct
| Tauranga Arts Festival | Xspace, Baycourt | Tauranga, New Zealand | Get Tickets>>

(succeeds) in reminding us how elemental great theatre can be, and how easily it can connect hearts and minds, even when they are seemingly split asunder by what sometimes appear to be impassable cultural divides.
—, Australia