The Performing Lines team is based in Sydney, with state-based offices in Perth and Hobart. Specialist technical production staff are engaged on a project basis.

Karilyn Brown – Chief Executive Office Bio
Fenn Gordon – Senior Producer  Bio
Pippa Bailey – Senior Producer Bio
Narelle Lewis – Producer Bio
Denise Wilson – Indigenous Community Engagement

Liz Young – Production Manager
Fiona McIntosh – Development Bio
Thom Smyth – Marketing Manager Bio
Barbara Peters – Account Coordinator
Sarah Mott – Administrator Bio
Norman Askew-Young - Director of Revelry Bio

Fiona de Garis – Senior Producer   Bio
Rachael Whitworth – Producer   Bio
Zainab Syed - Associate Producer  Bio
Cecile Lucas - Marketing Coordinator  Bio

Annette Downs – Senior Producer  Tasmania Performs>>

Image credit: Sarah Walker