Choose your role and get on board our spaceship to WHOOSH into outer space. Are you a Space pilot, navigator, engineer or responsible for communications? You’ll soon find out as we WHOOSH our spaceship across the galaxy…until we run out of fuel and have to make an emergency landing on mysterious Planet X!!  What strange things will we see, touch, taste and smell on this fantastic planet? And will we ever find a way to WHOOSH ourselves back home??

Whoosh! is an interactive multi-sensory adventure that puts children with profound and multiple disabilities at the centre of the action. Following workshops to introduce narrative and characters, children participate in an immersive performance where they can see, touch, hear, smell and taste the action as the story unfolds around them. This highly-tailored production will be suitable for children with a broad range of access needs aged 5 – 12.

Following the enormous success of our performances set in forest and ocean installations, our audiences suggested our next adventure should be to Outer Space. A hands-on collaboration with Kalamunda and Coolbellup Education Support Centres in WA became our Space Research – building spaceships, completing astronaut training, exploring Planet X together. This helped us discover a digital realm. In WHOOSH we will re-purpose assistive technology aids into interactive performance elements to create a multi-sensory, ‘fly-your-own spaceship’ adventure. This will build on the depth of interaction in our previous works by exploring ideas of cause & effect, allowing audiences to be even more active through the use of gesture-based interactive software, encouraging children to participate to the maximum of their ability.

Produced by Performing Lines WA, this show will be developed throughout 2016, early 2017 with the hope to premiere in late 2017.

Sensorium at the Opera House


Sensorium Theatre is dedicated to making multi-sensory theatre for young audiences with complex disabilities.  Fundamental to the integrity of Sensorium Theatre’s work is the belief that all children can be transformed and touched by exceptional theatre experiences.  Such experience can generate and stimulate children’s imaginations, enabling greater creative responses in their lives and positively impacting on other learning areas. As discovered when developing and touring our work, children with complex disabilities are currently missing out on enriching and engaging arts experiences outside an educational context.  As Australian pioneers in this form, Sensorium Theatre are changing the national landscape of what theatre can be for young people with disabilities.



Rachael Whitworth | Producer
[email protected] | +618 9200 6232